Jennifer Hutchings Staff Photo

Leave One, Take One

Leave One, Take One  



Do your children have books at home that they never read anymore??
Do they have books that are wasting space on a bookshelf??
Are these books still in good shape (no rips or missing pages, no writing,
            drawing, or stains)??

If you answered No to any of these questions, then okay, never mind.
If you answered Yes, then please encourage your children to use our
            Leave One, Take One racks in the Library!!!

How it Works:
Students can bring in a book that they no longer need or want and LEAVE it on the racks, and choose another book from the racks to TAKE home.  The book they choose is theirs to keep forever, or they can bring it back and trade it for another one at any time. 

There are a few rules for Leave One, Take One:
1.  The books that students LEAVE must be school appropriate (don't send mom's, dad's or other family members' books)
2.  The books they LEAVE must be nice - no rips or missing pages, no writing or drawing in them, and no yucky stains!
3.  Students can only bring in 2 books at a time - no big boxes of books (I don't want them to spend all their time at the Leave One, Take One racks and miss out on important Library activities!)
4.  Students can only TAKE books from the
Leave One, Take One racks.  All other books in the Library are NOT eligible for taking unless properly checked out on students' check-out day.
5.  Students MUST ask permission from parents before bringing books to school for the Leave One, Take One rack (I will be sure to discuss this with students!)

Thank you for encouraging your child to read!!!