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Check-Out Information  

Check-Out Procedures


  • All students check-out once a week. 
  • Students in K-2 check-out 1 book each week and students in grades 3-5 are permitted to check-out 2 books per week. 
  • Books are checked out for 1 week.  Picture books may be renewed 1 time and chapter books may be renewed 2 times if students need extra time to finish a book.
  • Books are considered overdue in the Library system when they have not been returned a full week past their due date.  Therefore, when you get an overdue email notice, your child has already kept the book(s) a week past the due date. 
  • PLEASE see the Book Care page on this website and discuss book care with your child.  Please do not attempt to erase marks, tape pages, or fix any other damage to a Library book. 
  • If a book is damaged beyond repair while checked out to your child, you will be responsible for remitting payment for the book.  We do not accept replacement books from Scholastic or other book stores as our books are purchased from vendors who bind books specifically for Library use.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please feel free to contact Mrs. Hutchings.
  • Kindergarten and first grade students are provided a check-out book bag.  Please do not discard this bag, but ensure that your child uses the bag to protect his/her Library book.  These bags protect Library books as we are learning how to care for our books.




Check-Out Schedule

Alder - Thursday

Reese - Thursday

Slover - Thursday

Hatfield - Thursday

Helton - Thursday

Carroll - Friday

Winstead - Thursday

Harbin - Wednesday

Horner - Friday

Webb - Friday

Howard - Friday

McAnally - Thursday

Seal - Friday

Callahan - Friday

Russell - Thursday