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Handle ALL books with CARE and RESPECT
Read with clean hands!!
Do not write, draw, or color in books.  Do not rip or tear out pages.

ALWAYS use a bookmark
Don't dog-ear pages by folding them down.
Use a piece of paper or a real bookmark - don't use a pen or pencil.

Be RESPONSIBLE and RETURN books on time
Don't let other people borrow your book or take it home with them. 
Return on time - Someone may be waiting to read the book that you have or may need it for an assignment.

PROTECT your books
Keep books dry!!
Don't read while eating or drinking.
Make sure there are no drinks or food in your backpack with your book.

READ and take care of JUST RIGHT books
Find a safe place at home where younger children and pets can't damage them.
Read books that are JUST RIGHT - not too easy, not too difficult.

DO  --   Enjoy reading!!
There's a book for everyone in our Library - EVEN if Reading is not your favorite thing!